ITF 2018 Service Project - Hope Center

This year at Igniting the Fire our teens will be participating in a community service project!  We will be making fleece blankets for the Hope Center.  When meeting someone who is battling cancer, for the first time, Hope Center volunteers present a Hope Tote to that person.  These Hope Totes include items such as handmade fleece blankets, a bible, a Hope Center travel cup, a port pillow, lip balm, lotions, handmade cards and more. Hope Totes are hand picked by previous cancer patients and each item brings comfort to the new patient.

This year we are asking for donations of two yards of fleece. ITF participants will be making blankets during the overnight hours, under the direction of our Collegiate Catholic partners.  Each blanket that is made is put together by two pieces of 2 yards of fleece...no sewing required!   Blankets are made for both men and women of all ages.

Parents, here's how you can help:  Send your youth to ITF with at least 4 yards of fleece (in two 2-yard lengths).  If you are able to send more, please do!  Any pattern is acceptable though age-neutral patterns are preferred.  2-yard lengths of fleece can be purchased  from Walmart or any fabric store near you!