While ITF is an all-night lock-in style experience, and there will be activities available non-stop, there will be an opportunity to sleep for a few hours if you choose (there will be VIRTUS-compliant, separate and chaperoned, Boys and Girls sleeping rooms.)

While we encourage everyone to keep it simple, here are some items to consider bringing:

  • Personal hygiene and comfort items.
  • Pillow/sleeping bag/blanket
  • Warm change of comfortable clothing

Please make sure all personal items are clearly marked with your name.

We discourage the bringing of personal snacks as food and snacks are provided all throughout the night.  However, if you have special dietary restrictions, please consider bringing the appropriate food/snacks to meet your needs and the kitchen staff will work with you to prepare and serve at normal meal times.

The following are items we discourage:

  • Valuables and money
  • Personal games (card games, board games, etc.)

Please note that we will be incorporating the use of Smart Phones throughout the night but at many points we will discourage their use.  However, possession of or use of a Smart Phone is not an integral part of the experience.

Igniting the Fire, the volunteers, Holy Spirit Catholic Church, and the Diocese of Gary are not responsible for broken, lost or stolen items.  Please make sure all property is clearly marked and that teens are aware of the location of their belongings at all times.